Our technology enables Instant Actions in mobile search.

Our proprietary platform crawls apps, indexes the actions and understands user intent to provide Deep Search.

Deep View Cards

Our Deep View Cards™ deliver app functionalities even in cases when the app does not provide deep links. Deep View Cards are dynamic, visually rich and deep link to the actions in the apps.

Tap to Action

Our Deep View Cards™ surface the most relevant actions as buttons to help users save time. In Quixey Deep Search, we match specific actions based on the user’s query (“Play Coldplay,” “Watch CNN Live”). When the user’s intent matches a specific action perfectly, we clearly identify such actions as “primary actions.” Tapping an action button helps users skip multiple steps and save time, e.g. go directly to the shopping cart in an ecommerce app.


A personal action is something users perform within a mobile app that is unique and private to each user. Quixey is the only solution able to link to personal actions in an app without requiring user registration, or specific API integration. An example of a personal action is “play my guitar playlist,” or “show my bank account summary.” We execute this personal action privately and securely, without requiring user credentials.

Function Matching

We match users’ intent to our index of functions within apps. We then match and rank the appropriate function within our index to deliver the best results. Specific query attributes, such as neighborhood, are passed as parameters required by the application, e.g., (“gas nearby”) or (“bars in Haight”).

App Crawl

Our app crawling technology deconstructs an app, identifies and indexes the key functionality, and then creates a proprietary map of this functionality so it can be made available as an action. Further, our technology allows us to extract semantic information from the app (e.g. “chinese food in Haight) and even crawl and index app content when required.

Quixey App Cloud

Our App Cloud technology virtualizes the app and runs it in the cloud, creating several differentiated experiences that only we provide. We analyze apps to detect functions and actions and understand navigation paths to public and personal actions. We then deliver information from the app regardless of whether the user has the app installed, and also access content and actions that exist only in apps (e.g. apps that do not have websites like HotelTonight). We provide real-time actionable search results.

Check out a few of the latest blog posts for a more in-depth look at our technology and demos.

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