The search industry is fragmenting, with queries generated not just from the web, but from a variety of new platforms – intelligent voice platforms, connected home devices, bots, connected cars. Search is now taking place all around us.

Search is no longer just about typing in keywords to find information, it’s now also about asking a question or speaking a command and expecting an executable action: “play my favorites playlist,” “make a reservation,” or “find a hotel nearby.” The challenge is that these actions are most often found in apps and can’t be accessed via web crawling. Quixey understands the actions that reside in apps, and creates an index that maps actions to apps so that they can be accessed instantly. As the search market changes, we are the execution layer that fulfills queries originating from voice platforms, bots, in-app searches and other emerging platforms.

Benefits we bring to platforms:

We have onboarded hundreds of actions within apps. We manage and maintain these actions across multiple versions of the apps to make them available seamlessly.

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