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What I Wish I knew, What I Want to Know

The 2016 Spring CLO Symposium was held on April 6, 2016 in Amelia Island, Florida, exploring how learning and leadership in organizations are being redefined.

CLOs and learning leaders have complex, ever-evolving jobs and roles. Their skills are honed and refashioned throughout their career. But throughout all the changing details, some core things remain the same.

Quixey’s Chief People Officer Tamar Elkeles participated on a fast-paced panel featured a mix of seasoned and up-and-coming learning leaders. The panel, “What I Wish I Knew, What I Want to Know” objectively identified the enduring themes and skills of a successful learning executive, gave insight to career trajectories, and discussed practical advice for career advancement.


The panel made it clear that learning is no longer defined by traditional methods and bounds. “Go sit in an elementary school and see how they learn,” said Elkeles during the panel. With learning and leadership in a constant state of change, there are no guarantees of success.

A strong theme of the panel was to experiment and try new development strategies. Unconventional methods are critical to a growing organization to keep up in today’s face-paced world, developing a wider learning scope is key to gain new inspiration to align with changes inside and outside of the organization.

To watch the full panel, visit CLO Symposium’s website.