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The World Without Installs: How the Face of App Engagement Is Changing Quickly

In September, Quixey launched Deep View Cards --the industry’s first dynamic ad cards. Deep View Cards are in-feed ads that are rendered in real-time and deliver app functionalities even when users are not in the app. As our case studies show, Deep View Cards are a powerful format for driving mobile engagement and in-app sales.

Recently, Google announced that content from apps will now appear in its mobile search results, even if they aren’t downloaded on the device. Notice a trend here? We’re heading into a world without app downloads, where app functionalities and content are easily accessible, and engagement and monetization trump all.

For app developers and marketers, this shift in the mobile ecosystem means changes to their strategy for acquiring, engaging and retaining users. As Garett Sloane of Digiday writes, “One potential outcome of all this is that app developers may start marketing more for traffic than downloads. Apps could focus on drawing more users in search and generating money from ads.”

The trouble is that app engagement, and more importantly, re-engagement, is no easy feat. In fact, Andrew Chen of Uber found that losing 80 percent of mobile users is normal for the average app. Deep-linking technology can certainly help, but it’s not the silver bullet of engagement; it simply needs to exist in order for the mobile ecosystem to function. Think of deep linking as a first step to attracting users, but what happens next is in the hands of the app developer or marketer.

Robust search, social and advertising strategies will be key to pushing for deeper app engagement as the world shifts away from installs. The mobile experience of the future will revolve around engaging with content and functions from thousands of apps that are not necessarily downloaded on our phones, and technology like our Deep View Cards will provide the tools necessary to drive discoverability and engagement (and monetization!).