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Secure Access to Personal Actions in Apps

It’s really personal this time!

Mobile devices are extremely personal. We usually do not physically share our devices with friends, family or even spouses. Apps on our devices give us access to highly personal information such as bank accounts, social communications, shopping baskets and travel plans.

Devices in other settings, such as the car, office or living room are also beginning to allow apps private access to highly personal information. In these private settings, voice commands can be an effective mechanism to access private information.

Users spend more than 90 percent of their time on mobile devices in apps. Accessing personal information within disparate apps, app by app, is cumbersome, requiring switching apps and multiple taps within each app. Mobile search should be able to take users instantly to commonly used parts of personal apps. No existing search experience offers this capability today. Quixey search does.

Quixey offers quick, seamless access to Personal Actions within apps.

A Personal Action is something users perform within a mobile app that is unique and private to each user. Quixey can understand a user’s voice or query, immediately open the right app, navigate the user to the app and perform the intended Action. All of this happens quickly and seamlessly.

A great example of a Personal Action is playing a private playlist on Spotify. Attempting to do this on a mobile device while driving is very dangerous and cumbersome.  A Quixey user can say, “Play Coldplay Hits on Spotify,” which will navigate the Spotify app and play the right personal playlist on the car’s Bluetooth-connected speakers.

This video demonstrates some other exciting examples of supported Personal Actions:

Quixey’s proprietary approach accomplishes this without requiring the user’s authentication credentials nor any private content ever leaving the user’s device. Quixey replicates behavior that is no different than any users apps themselves. Private information is never sent to Quixey. Personal data is quickly, safely, securely made available to the user without leaving the device.

Quixey’s personal actions are powerful tools for the new world - convenient and fast personal commands without ever compromising user privacy.

A Personal Actions widget can filter Actions based on installed apps

Mobile Breadcrumbs

Personal Actions are enabled through our patent-pending technology called Mobile Breadcrumbs. Using our App Mining tools, we directly analyze apps, and can determine and optimize the navigation steps (Mobile Breadcrumbs) to get to a personal action. This can be done even if the app does not provide public intents or deep links to those actions. The actual navigation is performed on the user’s device, and does not require any cloud access at run-time to Quixey servers, thereby protecting user privacy.

App developers do not need to provide us APIs or any special application access. On Android, our Android SDK requires one-time accessibility privileges. On iOS, we can accomplish the same behavior, but require the application developer to build their application with our SDK. No code changes are required in the developer application.

Selecting the right personal action to invoke is based on analyzing the query, understanding the intent of the user, and invoking the right function through Function Matching, built into our search system.

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