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Quixey: An Update

Quixey has been a true pioneer in mobile search. Over the past few years, our technology has advanced and we are the only company in the world that can crawl mobile apps and deliver app content and actions. Our unique approach to enable instant actions in apps has been received very positively by our partners.

But being a market leader comes with challenges, and we are implementing some significant changes to our workforce.

In an effort to bring our technology to the market, Quixey is currently exploring strategic options with the direction of the company. We believe in the platform we have built, and have great ideas on how it can scale to reach more use cases and larger deployments, which has been our ultimate goal.

We would like to thank all our employees that have worked tirelessly over the past years to make Quixey and its proprietary technology into a market first.

Below are some highlights of what our stellar team has accomplished:

The video below shows the user experience we’ve enabled on the most ubiquitous digital assistant: your phone!

The Quixey Team