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MobileMonday: Mobile Growth and Paid Acquisition Best Practices

MobileMonday, Silicon Valley’s premiere mobile networking and authority for the mobile and loT industry, held its latest event Mobile Growth and Paid Acquisitions Best Practices. The night, sponsored by Quixey and Yahoo!, featured some of the top leaders in mobile acquisitions and top trends of the industry.

Social channels, strategy types, ad formats, native advertising, ad blockers, etc. -through the various mobile topics of the night, there was one clear trend: user engagement.

It was reported in Quixey’s VP of Monetization Deepak Thakral’s keynote App Engagement - Path to Maximizing Mobile Growth that 90% of a user’s mobile time is spent inside apps. But over 70% percent of apps on mobile devices go dormant after being installed. Mobile app’s longevity lies inside of its ability to maintain user engagement.

According to Fetch's Director of Media Tim Villanueva, there are different user behaviors that have to be looked at. But at the base of them all, it’s about user engagement and finding users in the right context, mindset, and intent. Ad formats and native advertising supports this concept, where as a user would more likely engage with an ad that is visually appealing and follows a specific UI.

More and more companies are putting money into their mobile advertising, with eMarketer reporting that global mobile ad spending will reach an astounding $101 billion dollars in 2016. But downloads are no longer enough. Keeping and converting users is where growth should be measured for businesses.