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A Look Back at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2016: The Mobile Evolution

AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2016 was all about what to expect in the next 12 months for digital marketing technology. With sessions from companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Percolate, Adelphic, Oracle, The New York Times, NBCUniversal, and more, the two days were filled with expectations and trends for what 2016 will hold for the ad industry.

Among the various topics, discussions and debates - there was one trend in common: mobile.

It is no surprise mobile is a popular topic when it comes to new digital marketing technologies. Mobile has evolved so rapidly; it has become a crucial platform for the majority of our daily needs. “Mobile devices are the remote control of our lives” as called out during Industry Preview.

However, this is not a mobile revolution, but rather an evolution - consumers now expect to get what they want, how they want it, when they want it. So now marketers must look to programmatic advertising solutions with a focus on targeting consumers with relevant ads at the exact point in time when the consumer will care the most.

With that in mind, here are some key mobile trends from Industry Preview 2016:


Mobile usage has seen tremendous growth year over year and marketers are taking notice. eMarketer recently reported that mobile ad spend is projected to reach $65.8 billion by 2019. During “Converging The Ecosystem” at Industry Preview, Brian Anderson, partner of LUMA Partners, stated, “This is the first year people are spending more time in apps than on television.” Mobile has evolved to the point where it can satisfy almost all entertainment wants and needs.

Always Connected

Even when we are not primarily using our mobile devices, we are connected - almost as a second nature to us. In how many cases do users pull out their phones during dinner, mid-conversation, or even while binge watching Netflix? During her session “Measurement and Unified Marketing Impact Analytics,” Tina Moffet, senior analyst at Forrester Research, claimed 68 percent of consumers use internet-connected devices while watching TV.

Apps Centric

Consumers want relevance and convenience, so they look for apps that fulfill most of their needs. During his session, “The Programmatic Native Playbook,” Tod Sacerdoti, VP, display & video ad products, Yahoo!, mentioned mobile consumers spend 85 percent of their mobile time on just five apps. And in “App Engagement - Maximizing Transactions,” Quixey’s VP of Monetization Deepak Thakral stated “Over 70 percent of apps on a user’s smartphone remain dormant, with most apps having been deleted by the three month mark if they’re not being used, and over 15 percent cut in under a week.”

As AdExchanger’s Industry Preview 2016 came to a close, it is clear the next 12 months of digital marketing technology will be heavily focused on catering to the growth and evolution of mobile.